(I am still learning English, please be patient if you find mistakes or inventive grammatical constructions…Feel free to leave a comment and signal any error! Thank you.)

IMG_4490Photo: Ennevia Photography.

Hello! Thank you for passing by.

My name is Luana and I was born in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland. I grew up with my nose constantly buried in a book, the adventures I read about in those pages making me curious about the world. In this blog I wish to share my love for travel through words and also photography, which I am currently learning and I very much enjoy. This website is also a way to express my concern about the destructive way we humans have to inhabit our beautiful planet. There are occasional posts on other subjects, like my job as a radio sound technician for example.

This blog is mostly written in French as I was living in France when I started it. However, I am slowly improving my English and lately I have been doing some attempts at writing in this language, and more will follow.

Have a nice visit and a beautiful day!