Best of 2016 reads

This Instagram post took me so much time to write I am shamelessly copying it here, hoping you’ll find it inspiring.

2016 Best Reads

Travels, amazing people, photographs, new depths of pain, new job&city&apartment&language of everyday use, living with strangers and finding it great. There would be many ways of ‘measuring’ 2016, but life to me is not a sequence of chapters. Something that never changes is my love for books, so here is a selection of my favorite 2016 reads, hoping you’ll find some inspiration for your next ones… Thanks to @oursharedshelf I discovered ‘Half the Sky’, written by the couple of reporters Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl Wudunn. Read it and never be the same. There obviously are guidebooks, thank you so much @bradtguides for having a Nigeria one, who informed me and that even @ms_cathyzita found having a surprising amount of insider information. There is @geographical_magazine of course, and ‘Persepolis’ by @marjane_satrapi that I read in two days, a powerful and beautifully drawn graphic autobiography set between Iran and Austria. My absolute favorite was ‘It’s what I do’ by @lynseyaddario , her personal journey as a photojournalist and as a woman, inspiration for us all. There is the gripping and elegant thriller ‘The travelers’ by Chris Pavone, and the lovely ‘Speaking in tongues’ by Ella Frances Sanders, with illustrated expression from around the world. ‘Half of a yellow sun’ by amazing Nigerian writer @chimamanda.adichie , a pre-trip read, left me wondering what happened to its characters next. ‘Bilal’, written by the Italian journalist Fabrizio Gatti, is the impressive account of his undercover trip following the migration route from Dakar to Italy. ‘Au revoir là-haut » by Pierre Lemaitre is a beautiful WWI story, with characters you’ll fall in love with. Last but not least, bittersweet « The invention of wings » by @suemonkkidd is the story of an unlikely friendship, inspired by true events and true people. #bookstagram #books #reading#lovebooks #inspiring #guidebooks#magazine #wanderlust #bestof2016#learning #persepolis #nigeria #halfthesky#bilal #theinventionofwings #ww1#illustration #chrispavone #timeout #libri#thetravelers #pierrelemaitre #fabriziogatti#journalism #reportage #bookshelf#2016reads #flatlay #love #travels

The last sunset of 2016. Lake Brienz, Switzerland