NYC’s marathon is a party

…Well, at least for those who watch.

I had a great time this morning cheering the runners as they swiftly passed through Brooklyn, the second of the five boroughs on the marathon’s route. I was with my AirBnB host Mary, whose enthusiasm is infectious: not being into running at all, I would never have guessed how fun it can be to join the thousands lining up the streets to watch. Some athletes wore kooky, creative costumes that didn’t look all that comfortable to run into but were a fun show in themselves. Moreover, it was simply inspiring and humbling to see blind participants and runners in wheelchairs or with a prosthesis. How strong and able people can be. Last but not least, it was a unique and challenging practice opportunity for my photography. All in all the marathon was a great surprise, but I should have known better: it always pays to trust the locals.